Child’s Education Programme

Everyone deserves an education

The Give a Child A Chance is a programme to sponsor a named child through primary and/or secondary education.

Since inception, over 60 children from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, who would otherwise have no education now have the opportunity of an education. We have seen their life transformed for the better. The children also feel loved and a part of their sponsor family.

We work in partnership with a limited number of schools in local areas that we personally know. They have a good and credible track record in self-help and in supporting their local communities.

Sponsors of children receive regular updates such as school reports and health and wellbeing information of the child, enabling them to follow the development and progress of the child.


Children Saying goodbye to one of our visiting UK volunteers

There are currently 53 children being supported and there are 2 times as many on our waiting list.

You can sponsor a child through primary education for as little as £25 a month (83p a day) or for £35 a month (£1.06 a day) for secondary education. The 83p a day is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Yet, the £25 a month will cover the cost of the child’s tuition, uniforms, school materials and at least a meal daily.

Sponsor to give a child a chance to change their lives for good, today.