Give a Child a Chance of Primary Education

Sponsor a child’s education and give them the chance of a good start in life.

For just £25 a month [83p a day] you can sponsor a named child through primary education in Uganda, and change their lives for the better.

Sponsor a Child


Why Sponsor a Child?

£25 a month will cover the cost of your sponsored child tuition, uniforms, scholastic materials and at least a meal daily, but the benefits do not stop there. Your sponsored child not only receives these few basics of life and a sound education but will also enjoy the social company of other children in safe and caring environments.

Over 50 children from severely disadvantaged backgrounds are currently sponsored for an opportunity to education through the program. But there is more than double of this number of children still on our waiting list for sponsorships. They are underprivileged children between the age of 6 and 10 years old, yet to start a primary education.

The Sponsorship Programme

The Give a Child a Chance programme allows sponsor to contact with their named child. You are also kept updated on how the child is progressing throughout their education and their health and well being. As a sponsor you will feel a part of the child’s life as much as you are willing. Some of our sponsors in the past have also visited their named child in Uganda. Visits to Uganda are open to all our child sponsors.

Once registered with the Alongside Africa book, the children are like one big family. We visit the children in their home from time to time for updates on progress, health and well-being.

As a child Sponsor

  • You will become a sponsor of one of the disadvantaged named child on our book
  • You will be able to correspond with your sponsored child via our dedicated local sponsorship coordinator and make them feel like member of your big family
  • You will receive annual update profiles and photographs
  • You will receive progress report on your sponsored child annually
  • You will receive letter and drawings from your sponsored child twice a year
  • You can send letters and small gifts to the child

You can also visit your sponsored child in Uganda, for an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience and see how your sponsorship is making a difference in their life.


Frequently asked question

Can I write my sponsor child?

  • We receive letters and photographs of you and your family twice a year, which is delivered by us on to your sponsor child at his/her school.

What does my sponsorship pay for?

  • Your sponsorship covers the day-to-day cost of providing the child with a place in boarding school, uniform and education material as required, medical care and meals.

What is the age range of the children currently supported by the scheme?

  • Most the children are of primary school age, as we would like you to provide reliable funding for crucial early year. As the children grow, you have the opportunity to support them through secondary school or vocational college and beyond.

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