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Welcome to Alongside Africa

Alongside Africa is a UK-based not for profit organisation that is committed to a world in which every person has the opportunity to earn a living.

We focus on providing opportunities, not aid and our efforts are geared towards developing countries – initially in Africa.
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Our Programmes

Visit to the Amasiko drop-in centre


Darius is a street child from the streets of Uganda

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Alongside Africa
Alongside Africa3 weeks ago
We said a sad 'Goodbye' to Bryony Adams today. The kids and staff at Amasiko are goin to miss her so much. Thank you for all your love, enthusiasm and hard work, Bryony xxx
Alongside Africa
Alongside Africa4 weeks ago
We can't believe that our beautiful Bryony is in the last week of her 3 months' volunteering! Our Drop-in Centre children are going to miss her so much. The centre looks beautifully bright & welcoming after all the interior painting, and a beautiful gate to top it off! Well done and thank you Bryony! xxx
Alongside Africa
Alongside Africa4 weeks ago
We're halfway through the mid-year school holidays and some sponsored children who don't have homes to go to have been accommodated by our kind neighbour. Apart from playing football and doing daily lessons they have extended our vegetable gardens to cut down the food bills. Well done!

Volunteer Opportunities

– Give the gift of your time and skills.
There are many ways to provide opportunities to those that we walk alongside in Africa, one of the most valuable is to physically walk alongside those who have so little, offering the gift of your time and skills.

Alongside Africa has two volunteer programs; Volunteering in Uganda or UK.

More Information

Street child on dumbsite

Save a vulnerable homeless child from abuse.

From just £2 a month or a one-off donation of £10 today, you will be helping street children in Uganda find a stable home, and protect them from physical and often sexual abuse.


What we do with your money

  1. 100% of this money will go to help our projects in Uganda. There are no UK overheads. The money pays for food, for medical care, for our day centre, and for our programmes.
  2. We personally know every child, every benefactor of our opportunities not aid programmes. We use the money to help people help themselves with our support and guidance.
  3. We will respect your donation and ensure that it is used in the best possible way. We appreciate that you have many choices as to who you support and value that you have chosen us.

Change a Life Today!

supporting children in Uganda

Obumwe Microfinance Scheme group Performing



Volunteering with Alongside Africa


Alongside Africa front of drop-in centre